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Research Services

Let's Begin – 2 hours $100.00
Don’t know where to start? I will help jump start your own research with this 2 hour consultation.

Brick Wall – 2 hours $100*
Sometimes you run into a “brick wall” with your research project. Let’s get you going again! Upon reviewing your work, I can make suggestions that will help you knock down that wall.

Initial consultation fee - All packages over 2 hours - $250
We will meet for up to three (3) hours to discuss your needs and develop a research plan. This fee includes your database and notebook/file set-up which will be given to you at the conclusion of the research.

Research packages include a detail report of all the information discovered during our research phase.  Copies of all documents found will be forwarded with the report and may include but are not limited to vital records, church records, military records, census records, land records or probate records.

Seeker - One Item Search
Arrangements can be made for a one item search.

  • Vital Record
  • Census record
  • Newspaper article

Discovery - 10 hours of research time: $500*

Explorer - 15 hours of research time: $650

Heritage - 20 hours of research time: $800

Legacy - 30 hours of research time: $1,150

Heirloom - 80 hours of research time $3600* 
Find out something about multiple branches of your family lines, all four grandparents and their ancestors, along with research into the ancestry of your eight-great-grandparens and their families.  During this research project, there is a possibility of tracing various ancestral family lines back to the late 1700's or early 1800's.  When records are available, we can often trace back most parternal and maternal lines back about 6-generations (i.e. circa 1790-present).

*Parking fees, copy fees, cemetery research fees, and other one-time costs will be added when applicable. If travel is required over 100 miles from my home, in addition to my fees there may be additional charges for overnight stay and mileage.

Services are provided in pursuit of the client's written objectives. A written estimate is provided to the client and approved prior to the start of services.

KinQuest Genealogy Services determines the manner in which the services are performed. KinQuest Genealogy Services will protect information provided by the client and treat it as strictly confidential. No client information provided by the client will be released without the written permission of the client.

Services are charged on an hourly fee basis and may require reimbursement of "out of pocket" expenses such as travel and materials expense. Payment is due upon receipt after delivery of the services. No express or implied warranty is furnished in connection with the services provided.




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